Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings Ektrosis,

Well, another week has passed us by. Chapter II of the Great Jedi War

has come to an end, and Taldryan has DOMINATED THE OTHER CLANS WITH

143 SUBMISSIONS!!!! That count does NOT include the ACC matches, which

will be added after they have all been graded and accounted for.

Ektrosis did a spectacular job with a total of 52 submissions, not

counting the ACC. Grading for everything should take about a week

(hopefully) so get ready for Chapter III soon!

Like I have said before, anyone who submits nothing to the GJW will be

removed from Ektrosis at the conclusion of the War. There is simply no

reason why you cannot submit to at least one event per chapter at the

minimum. There will be great rewards for people who participate and

bring Taldryan victory, so... submit. :P

Em-Gatt Gynn Tang'va, Rashleigh Tang'va, and Saruman Tang'va are

leaving us, sadly. I've sent them more than a few e-mails from three

different e-mails only to have them bounce every time. Sorry!

[: Other News :]

July KMTs: Deja Vu and Obsession

There's also the Epic Competition.

[: Awards and Stuff :]

Congratulations to Morgan Delano, who has been elevated to the rank of

Acolyte! She has also passed the IRC Basics, Krath CORE, and Krath

Grammar courses!

Congrats to Dark Sabre for earning a host of Clusters of Fire!

Congrats also to Tiberius for four Legions of the Scholar!

[: Fin :]


DJM Shadonyx (Krath)/QUA/Ektrosis of Taldryan [ACC: SKR]



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