Aedile Report


Aedile Report


ok, I guess since I was gone so long, I'll just put out reports until I feel caught up.

AWOL check was sent out, and I got replies from most of the ones I expected to hear from. Like the report said, you have a month, so i won't harp on it right now.

The third chapter of the GJW is going to begin soon, and I expect better participation this go round. Guys, our clan needs to score decently in this war... Other clans look down on us, because our origins were of a clan called Alvaak, and there is alot of hate and mistrust and disgust for that name and everything it meant. We have been under the shadow of that name and the prejudices other members subject us to because of it for far too long now. It is time for us to get off our collective asses and show them that CEK's bite is alot worse than it's bark.

We were well on the way to gaining some notoriety, then things just stagnated. Maybe it was the summer, and with everyone being gone more, I don't know, but I was gone for a few months myself. All I am saying is we really need to pull together now and get into high gear for the Great Jedi War. We have proved unstoppable before, and to quote the words of one of the Clan Summit "The same 5 or 6 of us cannot keep doing all the work". So, now that you know the Clan leaders notice the lack of participation as well, lets see if we can't get out there and write to the best of our abilities, lets game to the the best of our abilities. Besides, we are here to have fun, and it's hard to have fun when nobody wants to do anything. It's also hard to have fun when I spend more time trying to get ppl to be active than trying to have fun myself. But, I love this house, and I will be here til the bitter end, and I will always be a leader in this house, so you are all stuck with me. I will always do whatever it takes to give this House it's proper place in history as one of the great Houses in the Brotherhood. It will be a long and fun journey... now you just have to decide if you want to accompany me or stay behind, because there is room for everyone.

KP Vithril Isradia Kunar

Heir of Exar Kun

Aedile of House Byss

The Sword of Isradia

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