Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Slaves of Darkness Phyle Report

July 30, 2004

House News:

1)GJW Chapter II is over! Thanks to everyone who participated!

2)We’ve had several new additions to the House: if you haven’t done so already, welcome APPs, shadoweye333, & Vayle Toresken, and NOVs Callus & Jeahesic Forkall. Welcome aboard!

Phyle News:

1)Jeax is on extended LoA until further notice.

2)Comps, Medals, and promotions galore! Activity’s up, and that rocks. Nice job, everyone!

Medals, Promotions, Transfers,& SA Courses:


a)APPs shadoweye 333, Vayle Toresken, Callus, Jeahsic to House Aleema


a)PRT Xhedias Forkall promoted to GRD

b)APP Callus promoted to NOV

c)APP Jeahesic Forkall promoted to NOV

3)Shadow Academy:

a)GRD Xhedias Forkall: Passed Sith Core, Leadership Studies, Dark Jedi Meditation

b)NOV Callus: Passed Krath Grammar Studies, Leadership Studies


a)GRD Xhedias Forkall: Dark Cross, Crescent w/Topaz Star (Pending approval)

b)GRD Zadious: Dark Cross

Current Competitions:

1)Great Jedi War: See and below for more details.

2)“A Tetrarch’s Trivia”: See for complete details. Due to the lack of a report last week, there will be two trivia questions this week, along with week 1’s question, and the answer to week 2’s question.

3)July’s Monthly Poem comp: 'Obsession'

Keep it short, pour as much as you can into the fewest possible lines. Make it provocative, original, dripping with pure, raw, emotion. Any form accepted, but it must be kept at or under 10 lines.

Submit to Ciara: [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]] in .txt or .doc

4)July’s Monthly Fiction: 'Déjà Vu'

Maximum 2 pages TNR 10 pt (or equivalent).

(To contrast with the Epic comp)

E-mail to Alanna [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]] in .txt or .doc

5)Jumble Mumble in Satal Keto Bumble: See for full details.

6)CSK Run-ons: Check out For full details, and head to to post.

Upcoming Competitions:

1)“The War on Potatoism”: See for full information.

2)ACC Ladder, Sponsored by Xhedias (Xhed, send me some more info and we’ll get everything started).

3)Post GJW fiction: ‘Vacation’ – What did you do immediately after the War? Relax? Get back to work? Kill some innocents for sport? Write about it.

Tenative Date: Whenever GJW ends

4)Phyle Website creation comp: Think you’ve got what it takes to make a great SoD web page? Prove it. More info will follow as details are sorted out. Tenative Date: Mid-August

5)Phyle Motto Competition: Whip up a sinister motto for our Phyle. Tenative Date: August 9-ish

A Word from the Tetrarch:

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not getting my report out last week; suffice it to say, things on the home front have been hectic for the last few weeks, and they’ll continue to be until I begin classes again at the end of August. Luckily, aside from a less pronounced IRC presence, I should be able to respond to any questions or concerns you may have; just shoot me an e-mail and I should be able to get back to you within a day or so.

Secondly… welcome to all the new members! It’s awesome to see some fresh faces—and highly active ones, at that—joining the Phyle. With the GJW halfway over, it’s time to show all these folks that we’re as badass as we want to be. If any of you have questions regarding the War, e-mail me and I’ll hook you up with the info you need.

As you can see from the length of the report, activity—and hence medals and promotions—are on the upswing, and that seriously makes me happy. However, we’ve not even started on the plethora of competitions and general antics as yet. Currently, I have ideas set for a phyle-wide comp, and a Clan—and possibly Order-wide—competition. I’ll reveal more as I get the ball rolling on them, so keep your ears to the ground.

Lastly, I’m going to do a bit of a switch-up next week with the report. Due to my brother’s wedding on Friday evening, my moving back to school on Saturday, and all the preparation that goes with that, I’ll be forwarding all pertinent info on awards, promotions, etc. to Xhedias, who will be writing the report. It should be posted LATE Friday night or early Saturday, but posting it will be the only major step that I’ll have in the process. On a similar note, I’m developing some ideas for task delegation for some of the newer, active members. But for now…

Darkness guide you,


Trivia Question:

1)In Columbus, Ohio, a particular food (not alcohol) cannot be sold on Sundays. What is it?

2)A bit of political trivia: Who is the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Green Party? Answered by Xhedias: Pat LaMarche

3)Music Trivia: What song is traditionally played at a commencement (graduation)? Give me both the title of the song and the composer.

4)Pop Culture: Kiefer Sutherland, the star of Fox’s 24, was recently in New Zealand doing something slightly scandalous. What did he do?

Current SoD Members:

Krath Tetrarch Zadious


Krath Tyro Ty'ran Sinya Edykin


Krath Tyro Jeax Zirv

Dark Jedi Knight

Krath Tyro Koidyis Soilatus


Krath Tyro Cheanotai


Krath Tyro Xhedias Forkall


Krath Tyro Vayle Toresken


Krath Tyro shadoweye333


Krath Tyro Jeahesic Forkall


Krath Tyro Callus


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