Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

This is the Weekly report for the Pandragon Squad of the Orien Obscurum of Arcona for Friday, July Thirty in the year of our Darth Lord Two Thousand Four,


Flight members and Fellow Jedi Knights there truly is not much to report except that I will like to take this opportunity to set some standards to the Pandragon, and these standards will exclude anyone that has the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and above because its to focus on new members and help them reach a high level of prestige and rank while maintaining activity with in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, these standards will go as follows:

  1. All Squad members under the rank of DJK will be required to take the test of leadership at the Shadow Academy.

  2. All Squad members under the rank of DJK will be required to have completed 9 Shadow Academy exams besides the test of leadership (pick the ones you prefer to take)

  3. All Squad members above DJK will have to assist and guide other Squad members is help is requested, as leaders we must help build and educate future leaders.

Together we can make the Pandragon Squad an Elite group among all Sith, lets make the other Squads not only fear us but want to become one of us.

DJK Raidoner Tang'va (Sith)/CMDR/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona [GMRG: GDM] [PA: FL] [ACC: SKR]



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