Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

Quick report this week, with apologies for being a little late...

  • The KMTs for July will be judged asap, and new KMTs will be released later today or tomorrow.

  • Epic competition:

  • Lastly, I need a new Magistrate. Unfortunately, Vithril's LoA has gone on longer than expected, so he has stepped down and I need someone new to help run

  • You MUST be able to maintain a website using PHP. I can't, and that makes it very difficult to maintain :P This will be your primary duty.

  • You should be willing to run and grade KMTs.

  • You should have enthusiasm to get involved with other Krath-order projects.

  • You should be ranked GRD+.

Applications to myself and Tissaya by 7th August please.



Yay Lannie!

Ok, just to add a comment where there was none... :o)

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