Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings Ektrosis,

Another relatively quiet week. However, I've got a couple important


  • There is a Clan-wide APP thru GRD AWOL check. Here's a list of

people from Ektrosis who have not checked in yet:


Curunir Tang'va



Revalk Blade

You must send an e-mail to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] before August 9th or you will be AWOL'd from Taldryan!

  • Chapter 3 is tentatively starting tomorrow. This chapter's length

will only be 10 days, so be prepared to do submissions quick! You will receive notice from me on the following days: day Chapter begins, day 5, day 3, day 2, and final day. Let's keep up the stellar performance!

  • Chapter 2 results should be out this evening or tomorrow.

  • The Ektrosis website has been updated with some new news. Check it out! http://www.ektrosis.org/

[: Awards :]

Congratulations to NexusMage on his promotion to Dark Jedi Knight!

Congratulations to chaosrain on his promotion to Guardian!

Congratulations to Tiberius on his promotion to Protector!

Congratulations to Morgan Delano on her promotion to Acolyte!

Medal Requested: Steel Cross (SC)

Requested for: KP Mal'ari'carun (Krath)

The request was made by: DA James McKenna (Sith)

Reason given for request: After Gryffon's untimely demise as Combat Master, Alaric took over and revived the ACC. He's been doing a great job in his first month in office, bringing new life and new vitality in the Centre. Great job, Alaric, keep it up!

[: Fin :]

That's all for this week.


DJM Shadonyx (Krath)/QUA/Ektrosis of Taldryan [ACC: SKR]



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