Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

I was like super busy all this week. It’s just not easy being part of your companies hazmat team. But I must say, employees who handle dangerous materials should know what the heck they are handling and understand that liquid nitrogen, even though it’s boiling, is freaking cold. If I didn’t care then I would have let her put her foot in that stuff.

Phyle happenings and gossip!!

Wow there is like nothing going on. Perhaps the next chapter will be announced and we can all get to work again. I’ve enjoyed having the time off though as it lets me work on my many other projects.

Competition stuffs!!

Still waiting for the next GJW chapter to come out and still waiting on scores from the last chapter. All the ACC battles have been judged, yay! I’m actually interested in knowing how they liked my little graphic. I didn’t put much effort into it but it was a bit more than some stick figures. Would anyone like to share what all they’ve done? I’m gonna start looking into developing another part of the website soon. Yeah I know I’ve still got to put up the history, I’m getting around to it.

Question of the week!

I thought about how mothers in the US feed their babies with tiny little spoons and forks, so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use? Toothpicks?

And now for this weeks moment of zen.

Has everyone died or are they all just sleeping? The smell aboard the Corsair would suggest yes they have died yet footsteps and talking can still be heard. Is it that you have actually died? Well only one way to find out. You decide that if you are dead then no one will see you and you can do whatever you wish.

You venture out of your small quarters and wonder around for a while. You find that the smell is from the trash compactor that’s not working yet there still doesn’t seem to be very many people around. Wait there’s a Warlord over there! No one has seemed to take notice of you yet so what the heck, pull down that guys pants!

When you wake up you don’t seem to remember anything after spotting the Warlord and you do have a rather large bump on your head. But that bump could have been caused by you sitting up too fast and hitting the bulkhead above your bed. :P

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