Headmaster Report #04


Headmaster Report #04

Headmaster Report #04

1) KE Kaiann is my new Praetor. I've asked him to compile statistics as the first assigned task. However, I guess he's on a short LOA.

2) There seems to be an influx of Phase 1 and 2 submissions. This is something Kaiann will be continually researching to see if anything is changing or where change needs to occur in the case of a lack of submissions.

3) There was a rather recent revision to the G:LS (Leadership Studies) course. I need to review this sometime when it's not 3 AM as has frequently been the case lately.

4) I now have about twice as much feedback as I did last week. Some presentation has been rather abstract and quite different from what some people think. Nonetheless, it provides some very valuable insight. It is no suprise, however, that most of the feedback has contained many of the same points - some of the same points I would have brought up not 5 weeks ago.


The Envoys


The envoy system, in connection with the ever continuing goal to master the Apprentice Studies system, has been resurrected and its operations have been in discussion for the past 2-3 days. It has mainly centered around a major change away from the current way of welcoming Apprentices to the Dark Brotherhood. From past experience, I am absolutely certain that the final system that is being honed in with do the following VERY summarized things:

     a) New members assigned to envoys from 7 clans.

     b) Envoys contact these APPs and get them to join as full members, outside of Phase 1 and 2 of the Shadow Academy.

     c) Much fewer "dead weight" APPs.

     d) Each clan gets more recruits because of their envoys.

This is an EXTREMELY terse version of what has been flying back and forth in e-mail chains for a few days now. There are MANY MANY more specifics behind this. A few main body DC people, order leaders, and various SA staff are still discussing the exact parts of it. When a formalized proposal is made, it will be sent to the clan summits for review. We'll try to think of everything so you don't have to and the final process can go rather smoothly without disastrous dissent or something.

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