Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report



So chapter three is over and we're currently still waiting for the results, hopefully it'll be any day now. And hopefully we've moved up from the 4th place we were sitting in to take first place. :P That aside, chapter four is rumoured to have some more single player events which is a good thing for those of us who can't play MP, namely me. Now that the war update is out of the way let's get into real business.

This week we all bid farewell to Zadious who steps down from Tetrarch this week due to RL time restraints. For now he'll be remaining in the house helping out where he can... and let's hope he can return to active duty again one day! For his replacement we have chosen Xhedias Forkall Entar .... congratulations go out to him! Also with the Slaves of Darkness almost at 12/12 member capacity we are opening a new phyle.

The new phyle will open very soon, the Tetrarch has been selected and we are just waiting on what they would like the phyle named and then it will be open. With two phyles we also have a new system for it which will be in place next week once we open the second phyle... more news later!

KAP Enahropes Teriad Entar (Krath)/QUA/Aleema of Satal Keto

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