Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House News

Well… there’s definitely been some change around the House since the last time I bothered writing a report. Things have happened, people have joined, people have left and/or been booted and I’ve become more thrustacular and annoying, beyond the scope of a “normal” DBer. Most of you know what’s gone down since my last report so I’ll just start fresh with what has happened in the last week or so.

The third chapter of the Great Jedi War ended somewhat recently with Taldryan having an excellent submission count over the other clans. Kir was so happy he wet himself, showered and then wet himself once more. The scoring for chapter two is still being worked on, as is the scoring for chapter three. Hopefully it’ll all come together before chapter four so we can see how things look. If you’ll remember after the initial release of chapter two scores we were down by some 800+ points… which should all be changed now.

Earlier this week, Kir’s Guardian to Apprentice AWOL check went through and the MAA rogued 20 of our inactive members. Most of those came from Dinaari’s APP’s but we’re stock full of them again. It looks like we’ve regained every member we lost in the span of a day – sick really. It looks like these AWOL checks might become a more regular thing to keep our inactive populace at bay, but we’ll see what Kir has in store for after the war. (it rhymed)

I’ve been dividing my time to working, spending buttloads of money, MPing like mad for the GJW and working on numerous post-GJW competitions and activities, most recently the Dinaari Bootcamp which will be an alternative way to gain rank for members ranked below Dark Jedi Knight. Hopefully it’ll spark the new guys into being active instead of just taking mundane SA courses that I wish I could block from my inbox (and I think I succeeded at that too) I’ll have more info on that in the near future.

Competition Updates

Not too much besides Great Jedi War running at the moment. I think the weekly MP nights are still running, fairly inactive though. As well as the KMT fiction and poem and the ICTE.

QUA Quickies are still on hold pending the end of the GJW. You’ll see them again though full of witty, Shadowesque humor.

News from Abroad

Again. Great Jedi War. Great Jedi War. Great Jedi War. Getting sort of repetitive, huh? Well aside from the all-consuming GJW, the Brotherhood’s Galaxies society is going through some turnover with the resignation of its two leaders. There seems to be some back and forth bitching between members and leaders… I don’t really care as I think it’s idiotic to pay $60 for a game and then pay monthly on top of that. Give me the new Battlefront and Republic Commando any day.

As I said before, the KMT is still running every month. Check out August’s on the DB news page. Fiction isn’t for everyone but if you got it flaunt it, right?

If you’re into coding and designing websites the MAA is looking for a new site and someone to make it for him. There’s info on the DB news page about what he wants. All I know is he’s giving medals to anything entered.

Baron, AKA Galaxies leader is being sought. If you own the game and play it you may want to apply for that. I think Baron may be a semi-DC position so you retain the right to stay in a clan. Funny, CoG is the same way now… I remember all the shit that went down when I asked to remain in Taldryan and be CoG. ahem

QUA's Corner

Been doing good for GJW submissions. 362 was chapter three’s count so keep it up guys. And if you ever have any problem with me please let me know immediately (or just go over me to Sharad and Kir, that’s the most fun way to do it) and I’ll sit down and have a pleasant talk with you. Aside from that, everyone keep up the good work.

OE Pimp Shadow Taldrya (Obelisk)/M:OHC-QUA/Dinaari of Taldryan [GMRG: PRT] [ACC: WAR] ::: SB/GCx2/(SC-SoP)/(StA-LS)(StA)/DC-KC-O-CS-D/Cr-7D-13R-11A-6S-5E-1T/CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF/(LSS)/DSS/SoL

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