Aedile Report


Aedile Report

You guys are so special, getting two reports from your favorite House Summit members on the same day. :P

|GJW Update|

Well it's been a slow week. Chapter 3 is over, Taldryan had an almost disturbingly high 362 submissions! That's great! Participation breakdowns can be found in my last week's report, Kir's last week report, and Shadonyx's report this time around.

We had almost 150 submissions more than than the closest Clan (Tarentum) so let's give ourselves a pat on the back!

We're mostly just waiting for Chapter II and III results, as well as for Chapter IV to start. It should be opened within the next few days.

Let me emphasize the importance of this chapter.

The Conclusion will have a few events, but they will be small and it will earn us very little points.

With the end of Chapter II (although some of the scores were incorrect) we were almost 600 points behind first place. This means that Chapter IV is our LAST CHANCE to pull ahead of the pack and defeat Arcona and Tarentum once and for all. So it's of vital importance that everyone participate in EVERYTHING that they can.

But also remember, that for MP options, you must weigh your chances carefully before challenging anybody, becaus a large number of losses CAN hurt us in the long run.

This might be our only chance to finally prove that we are the greatest Clan in the Brotherhood (at least until the next Great Jedi War, which might be a while). If we win, we can be proud to be the most powerful, and competent group and we'll have bragging rights (which is always a plus).

The rest of the Clan, former Taldryan members, even members of the Dark Council itself, are depending on us to win this Great Jedi War and prove that we are the best.

So let's get out there, and when Chapter IV starts, let's win!


On another note, my little Krathlets, I'd like to point your attention to the official Order Website, I'm helping to maintain this website and now that someone is working on it, it should be a useful resource as more and more of it is developed.

|Conclusion and Congrats|

Congrats to everyone who picked up awards this week.

hands out Ekky ice cream An excellent job in the submissions for Chapter III, and from the few that I saw, they were definitely quality. Kudos and vodka to everyone who drops by my office.

-AED Dark Sabre

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