Lord Marshal Report


Lord Marshal Report

Welcome to another Lord Marshal report, pilgrim. What is this you say? A new layout? Yes, indeed. After everybody pumping their reports to great visual appearances, it was time for me to get in with some little change myself. So without furtner notice, enjoy the new, cowboy-less editions of the LM report.

The Dark Brotherhood's Players Association has finally a new Baron. Congratulations go to Obelisk Primarch Dreadnaught. There have been a lot of good applicants - but ultimately, only one person could become BAR. Dread has already been briefed by me and promised to begin work immediatly. Watch out for a number of changes and improvements heading the DBPA's way.

<div align="left">Commander of the Guard Demosthenes has "reactivated" the GMRG. During the GJW, there hadn't been many activities within the guard, due to the prime focus being on the GJW itself. With the war stretching out, however, Demos has decided it was time to get the GMRG back into action. He will continue to implement his planned changes over the next weeks.

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</div> A couple of days ago, the Star Wars Gaming News site, constructed by Blade Cannabisia with help from Mav, had been launched. Unfortunatley, the version being sent to me had been a test-one and wasn't intended to be the final release. Now, however, Canna has worked out all spelling errors and, with help from JaM3z, implemented the PHP-part that is so vital to remote updates. Expect a real launch within the next days.

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</div> The GJW is still running and I encourage everybody to participate. Not only will the conflict between infected and non-infected become more ferocious in the next chapter, you should also keep an eye out for the dangerous conga-infection...

And that concludes this week's report. Tune in next week!

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.............you were serious about the conga infection?.....................Jac? Please come back... McKenna's scaring me....

Conga! Oh... he was serious...

begins a new conga line and pulls McKenna behind her.

"The GJW is still running"

Well, maybe someone should catch it, so we can finally coontinue.

Maybe the GJW is doing the conga, too...

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