Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Dark Greetings All Cestus !

First you are probably wondering why this report came out so late. Well it’s because we usually have nothing to do on Sundays so that’s one of the reasons. Another reason would be that we have a new member among us. Please meet the one, the only #4271, Acolyte Ionutz :). Ok so far out ;). As you know Chapter IV is a few days ago so lets hit this one hard cause we simply rock. Good part about it is that there will be more SP games than MP games, so I’m sure it will be pretty easy. Ok, next I’d like to tell everyone that Zekk is the SGT of Blades of Malice. However I think I’ll work on the BoM reports too ;), somehow I’m attached to it :). So I’ll manage both units from now on, unless Zekk wants to write his own reports. Next everybody is doing a great job so far :) so lets keep it up.

Ahh yes and lets not forget what day it is today : It’s 29th of August people :D It’s Zekk’s Birthday :D W00t, drinks are on him. Also it’s last year’s ex QUA’s Birthday, some of us know him, others don’t but it’s good to remember him :). Happy Birthday Blade.

Well so far for this week .


BoF : ***X-Pilot : 2 Clusters Of Fire (CF)

            IonutzDB : 1 Cluster Of Fire (CF)  

BoM : Nothing yet

Promos : <<<none>>>

Roster (BOF) :


<<<scorpio_sith>>>======*======<<<jedi hunter>>>



<<<im2ez4u>>> ==========*==========<<<acolyte>>>

<<<frosty romanae>>>======*======<<<acolyte>>>

Roster (BOM)


<<<sauron>>>======*======<<<jedi hunter>>>

<<<depriest>>>======*======<<<dark side adept>>>

<<<dameon dante>>>======*======<<<novice>>>


<<<son luciferius>>>=======*=======<<<apprentice>>>

<<<Naga Dor'An>>>==========*==========<<<apprentice>>>

Well that was all for this week :) Cya next week and may the dark side guide you .


                                                                      Your BoF Sergeant,  

                                                                          2265 OP X-Pilot out.  

OP X-Pilot (Obelisk)/SGT/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: SVP] [ACC: SKR]




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