Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Well looks like school has finally started for everyone that’s attending this year. Good thing that’s not me.

Phyle happenings and gossip!!

Yet another slow week for us. Oh well, some quiet does a body good.

Competition stuffs!!

Well maybe the next chapter will be out this week. They’ve had posts up about it and all so it looks like the story line is chugging along. Everyone keeps saying it’ll have single player missions so that’ll be great!

Question of the week!

Why would someone put a fork in the toaster?

And now for this weeks moment of zen.

Telona was seen for a brief moment in the halls of Gladius. She had just come from the Quaestors office when she bolted down the halls. It is still unknown what happened within as neither one of them are talking right now. Perhaps she had come down with the virus. It is known that the Consul managed to pin her long enough to potentially transfer the disease before she escaped. So maybe she’s found out she is positive for it or maybe something else happened. None have been able to neither contact Telona nor go into her normally open office. More updates to come.

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