Emissary Report


Emissary Report

Greetings brethren,

It has been sometime since I have spoken with you all. I have been away to a distant land, but have returned with in the last week or so making my presence known only briefly for the most part as I recuperated from a battle wound.

But during the recuperation I have been busy planning and going over reports that I have gathered from the Consuls in regards to the State of each ones clan.

I have heard from Taldryan, from Scholae Palatinae, from Satal Keto, and have recieved a weekly report from Exar Kun and a reorganization proposal from Arcona - but still require the detailed information from Arcona, Exar Kun, Naga Sadow and Tarentum. To remind the Consuls of those clans what I need is in detailed but brief comments the following:

1 - State of your clan (strength, overall activeness - percentage wise)

2 - Projects you are working on

3 - Other duties you fullfil besides clan duties

4 - Plans for after the GJW for your clan

This will help me, as well as benefit everyone, with plans I have in regards to increasing Clan communication, clan awareness, and clan involvement. I have a project in the works, no name as of yet, but I will be presenting it to the Assembly of Consuls once I have gathered all of the listed above information (items 1-4) and have compiled some statistics to see what I need to focus on.

The office of the Emissary is looking to improve the clans and needs your support one and all.

May darkness prepare you for what is to come,

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