Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Well here's a quick report whipped up by yours truly.


ALL Chapter IV submissions MUST be in by September 17th, 11:59 pm EST. Our activity so far has been abysmal, and for those of you who are not endowed with a strong vocabulary, that means bad.

Our Obelisk MP is fine, although we have no XvT or TIE matches.

As for other stuff... there are only 2 Multimedia submissions, which can be done very quickly in either notepad, word or paint. Only 4 Puzzles, which can be done within a few seconds if you go for just participation points. Don't forget you can submit up to 3, so if you just do one quickly for participation you can work on another one for later.

Finally, the story. There has only been ONE submission thus far and that is HORRIBLE. We're krath we're supposed to ENJOY writing so get going and get a story done! 3 pages in manageable and if you write a story and submit it you have an almost GUARANTEED chance of placing.

So get to work everybody! I know there's very little time left, but in what's there I want to see at least four more stories, ten more puzzles, they can suck but what's important is that they're submitted, and seven more multimedia submissions. I think that's perfectly possible, so let's get as many in as we can!

That covers just about everything for this week, and there's no time to lose! Get writing and painting!

-AED Dark Sabre

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