Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

What to put into Report #1...

First off, this is definitely still a "wow" state for me. It's a little awe-inspiring still to think about the responsibilities I've gained by being named Sith High Warrior. However, I think it'll be good, I plan on having a fun time with this, and more importantly, I plan on helping out everyone have fun with the Sith, and being a Sith. I don't believe the Sith Order is dead, I think it just needs a little encouragement. I think there are a lot of people willing to spark themselves into an active bunch, it just takes us, as leaders, to help motivate them, and give them something to focus their attentions on.

Second, we have something coming up to focus our attention upon. In addition to the Original Trilogy FINALLY coming out on DVD, Star Wars: Battlefront is also coming out, the EXACT same day (for those not already aware). As SHW, I've been told one of my duties will be to help administrate, and coordinate this game, and make sure that we use it successfully, and make it a benefit across the board in the DB. Demosthenes has already said he wants to help out, since his position as CoG mandates he have an active role in the MP aspects of the DB. I'd suggest that, if you like wargaming, or full-scale battles, or even if you just want to relive some of the battles, like the final battle on Endor in RotJ, give MUCH thought to getting this game. From all the clips I've seen, it looks awesome, and I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

Third, to all the Clan Summits: I emailed all the CONs and PCONs a day or two ago, and I'd hope you'll all respond. If the email didn't hit your inbox, let me know, and I'll forward it, or just give you a quick reprisal of it. I'm looking to develop a good working relationship with each Clan, and I hope you all care enough to put an effort forth in helping me work with each of your Clans. I don't have any huge desires from you, except that you give me the courtesy I extend, and help me to assist all of you.

Lastly, to the members of the Sith Order: it's been fairly quiet, and complacent lately, and I hope to fix that. You don't have to have TIE, or XvT, or even XWA to be a part of the Sith. You can fly in Allegiance, you can play any of the JK series, or yes, even write. Don't let people talk you into going Obelisk just because you play JA; there's plenty of Sith who play JA, or JO. Want a good example? All I've played in this GJW for MP has been Jedi Academy. Order Platforms are a thing of the past; but I do have to admit, I'd love to see a massive Sith presence in Battlefront. I'm working with some associates on getting a Battlefront server (not sure if they feel like being named, yet), and I'd like everyone to have a reason to take a part in the DB's efforts with this game. I think it'll be sweet.

As time goes by, I'll figure out some nifty-looking report setup, but for the time being, don't look for any frilly things in my reports. Just know that I'm going to be looking forward to seeing Sith out gaming with me, and gaming with the rest of the Brotherhood. Let's dust off our joysticks, and our game CDs, and try to have some fun.

Look for more Battlefront news coming early next week. And remember the ICTE on Saturdays!

-DA Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae

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