Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Commander's Corner

A slow week around there this time for our squad and house as a whole. It seems some things are taking place in higher places to get things motivated but well see how that goes. Ill be on limited duty for the next few weeks and my reports may get even shorter but ill keep you guys updated as much as i can.

Obsidian News

-Awol check to commence immeidately, please respond with your status.

-Do pay close attention to my Standing Orders section below, it is the code I live by and has been updated further.

-All input as far as things you would like to see us do, or participate in is always welcome.

House Ziost News

None at this time

Clan Exar Kun News

-More information to follow as I get settled in.

DB News

See DB News Page

Standing Orders

  1. Real Life First!! Always remember this rule. I will always understand and give you all the help I can when something arises that you must attend to in RL. I cannot however do this if I dont know about it, so all I ask is that you keep me informed of your status.

  2. Keep me informed of your status. I dont mind people being out for extended periods of time and il never ask questions unless you have the discourtesy not to let me know you will be gone. Everybody gets blitzed every now and then and youll find im very understanding.

  3. Squadron Loyalty is a must. We will always work as a unit or die as a unit. Unit integrity and loyalty above all else is the essential fabric that binds things together.

  4. Flight Leaders, I expect much as you are the next step to the cmdr post. It is not a job I take lightly so ill be requiring your help with some things.


-Still kicking around a few ideas of things for us to loot and pillage but if you have any things youd like to see let me know asap.










DKJ Drax Remlinger (Sith)/CMDR/Ziost of Exar Kun

{SA: G:LS}

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