Herald Report


Herald Report


Seems like the popular thing to do these days is fire me an e-mail that says something like "I'd like a GoA". I say this because I have seen a handful every week. This'll make it easier on you - go to The HRLD Site. The form is busted (in other words, don't fill it out and hit send) but you can send all the info to either me or Mejas Doto.

We Want A Rock

The countdown to Star Wars Battlefront is at 4 days. I've thrown up a poll to see the interest in the game.

In a great marketing ploy, it's also the same day of the release of the Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set. What will you throw your money at? Are you all crazy and getting them both? Or are you crazy like me, buying both of those and the THX 1138 SE box set? Yeah I spend way too much money - but it's all in perspective. How often do things like this come up? Once, maybe twice a year?

Mr Xcitement

I won't make you all guess the theme of this week's titles - It's They Might Be Giants! But why, you may ask? I'm going to a TMBG concert tonight. After waiting about two weeks for a friend to make up his mind I decided to just get my tickets and go without him. Then he said he wasn't going, mostly cause he want to divert money elsewhere (SWBF and other games).

Don't I get anything for guessing the theme of last week's report? :P

They Might Be Giants? Cool... you should do a report with all Nightwish song titles, though. That would be pretty amusing... ^_^

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