Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Delphian Squadron Report

for September 17th:

Greetings to the new members of Delphian Squadron! First off let me apologize. I've had a rough week. Been in and out of town and had some problems with real life issues. Fortunately, I've put most of them behind me and I can get back to my job.

First I'd like to welcome all of you. I realize it seems kind of strange just to transfer you to the Squadron without asking but it was just as much a surprise to me as it was to you. I figure the summit wanted to make sure the Battle Teams were balanced now that we can do multiorder teams.

I would like to assuage any fears you might have. Inspite of me being gone for a week, that is not normally how I behave. I've just had a run of bad luck lately. And also, don't worry about you being Obelisk and me being Sith. I used to be Obelisk and am well versed in all of the platforms.

So with that, I am finished with my welcome!

Now onto news: The 4th Chapter of the GJW ends tonight. If you can get anything done and submitted, please do. YOU WILL BE REWARDED.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE. It's fun and it improves the standing of our Clan!

I'm sorry if I'm short on information this week but the GJW is choking any kind of competitions. However, Pug, Warhunter and myself have some competitions we've been working on for the near future which we should implement soon. In the meantime, I think I will work on something for our BT as well.

If any of you need help advancing through your apprenticeship, let me know. I'll do whatever I can to help you.

Remember my door is open and you are free to offer me your thoughts. If any of you have any ideas on how to improve our Team or just want to constructively criticize me, please do. It is appreciated and may come with rewards over time.

With that I will end my report. Again, welcome to the Squadron and I hope I will hear from all of you soon. Please email me back to let me know you are still active.

In Darkness,

Warmaster Kaek

SWM Syn Kaek (Sith)/CMDR/Kirleta of Satal Keto [ACC: SKR]



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