Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Marka Ragnos Aedile Report Number San!!

(That’s ‘three‘ for the fools that don’t speak Japanese…)

‘T1m3 f0r t3h ult1m4t3 l33t c0mput3r.’

Important Stuff

Konnichi wa, meat puppets. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? As such, much has happened since my last report… meaning that this one will be jam-packed full of chocolatey goodness. Prepare yourselves, meat puppets…

First of all, Great Jedi Wait stuff- the last playing phase hath ended, leaving us with just the Conclusion. Get ready for an awesome Jac versus Firefox duel… oh, and Kaiann got made DJM in the Ending of Chapter 4. Lucky b*stard. ^_^ I look forward to seeing how all your hard work went towards our final position… and at the end of the War there shall be the rewards. ‘What you reap, is what you sow’, in the words of Rage Against the Machine. Those who did stuff get rewarded… those of you who sat on your fat arses (you know who you are) get nowt. Nothing. Diddly-squit. That’s life for ya, huh?

Secondly, I have a public service announcement. You’re probably already aware of this, but hell. Now, in Marka Ragnos it is usually our tradition to congratulate those of us who do stuff for the greater good. There has been one particular member as of late who’s followed that rule strictly- bringing in a windfall of new members, pwning House competitions, and generally being an all-round badass. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newly promoted Dark Jedi Knight…. Drum roll…. Jack Ordo. crowd screams ^_^ I think I can safely say that nobody in HMR deserved their promotion as much as Jack… keep it up and you’ll be a higher rank than me in a couple of weeks. _ Wait, that’s not good… uhm… cough Anyway. Manjis Competition Time!!

First of all, my second Aediles Fortnightly Comp is still running- Details below.

 Competition Title: Aediles Fortnightly Comp- Alphabet Soup

Competition Specifics: The second Fortnightly Comp… and something slightly different. I would like a piece of fiction describing the eating habits of your character. What kind of foods do they like? What do they hate? Is there a certain food that makes your character gag in disgust? Try and write a short story that answers the above questions. Oh, and see if you can gross me out. =D

Start date: 09/16/2004

End date: 09/30/2004

Unit in Competition: Clan Naga Sadow

Platforms used: Fiction to be sent to me as either .txt or .doc in 12 point Times New Roman/Arial.

Awards: It’s a clan-wide competition, so… third level crescents for the winners.

Comments: For those of you who’re tired of the GJW.

And, if you can’t think of anything for that, you could always enter Muzs latest competition, Death To All Whom Oppose Us!! Details below.

 Title: Death to All Whom Oppose Us!

Specifics: The battle cries sound as bounty hunters, emboldened by the promise of many credits, storm the Marka Ragnos stronghold on Tarthos.

Join your staunch allies as you deliver our enemies into the inky, cold embrace of the void.

Do it with style, do it with grace, do it in a swirl of black cloaks, do it with such gusto that their families fear to even tread in the same districts as our apprentices.

Start Date: 9/23/2004

End Date: 10/14/2004

Unit in Competition: House Marka Ragnos

Platforms: Fiction, 12pt TNR, minimum two page submission.

Awards: Third level crescents.

Comments: To be judged on length, quality of writing, realism, and your ability to incorporate other characters in your writing. Write about how you fight alongside Manji, Muz, Tissaya, and any other Marka Ragnos members you would like.

There you are… two competitions full of wholesome goodness to sink your teeth into. And of course, if you’re below DJK and you like getting promoted, you could just write some fiction of your own- detailing a particular adventure of your character, or the creation of your characters lightsabre, or whatever. As long as you send it to Muz and myself we’ll read it over and assign points for it. Enough points gets you to DJK and that magic lightsabre… so get to it!

Medals, Promotions, Random Gubbins

Jack Ordo got DJK… APP Paul got promoted to Novice… Taliana Ordo got promoted to Acolyte (already? Blimey… you’re as bad as Jack ^^)… oh, and we received a new member, fresh from the Shadow Academy- APP Morombath. Welcome to HMR, Morombath- for now the drinks are on Jack, so you’re safe for a week or so. ^^

Oh, and tons of medals got awarded to all and sundry- looks like the Chancellor got pissed off because we were mocking him and decided to click the ‘Approve All’ button. ^_^

Also, SA Courses- Taliana Ordo passed the Test of Wisdom (go Taliana! Wooo!) And I aced the Sith ESET Flight Studies exam, for absolutely no reason. Seriously- I just thought hey, why don’t I do an exam? And lo and behold, I did. =D

Please let this spate of activity continue- I liiike writing lots in this section ^_^

The Weird and Wonderful World of Your Aedile

Turns out the girl at school already has a boyfriend… cries But wait, technically I might still have a chance- apparently she doesn’t really like him, and it seems that she would go out with me if she wasn’t going out with him. Confusing? Yep. Time for a parable- I’ll liken it to the relationship between Toda Mariko and the Anjin-san in James Clavells ‘Shōgun’. They’re in love with each other, but she’s already married to a violent muppet called Buntaro. That should make more sense…

I just have to be the samurai in shining armour who saves her from an unhappy relationship… strikes a dramatic samurai pose ^_^

In Conclusion…

It’s pain time. I get my new computer later today… which means I can not only play Knights of the Old Republic and the Sims 2 without the tiniest amount of slowdown, I can also buy Battlefront and pwn that as well. PH34R!! =D

KP Nekura Manji Keibatsu (Krath)/AED/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

_Aedile of House Marka Ragnos

Samurai of the Keibatsu Family

General ‘Badass Mofo’_

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