Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

  • September MTs Due by end of Thursday

Story: "Negative Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven Bottles of Beer on the Wall."

Submit to Sabre [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]] in .txt or .doc.

(Any questions about the topic go to him please! I'm abdicating responsibility for this one :PP)

Poem: "Conversations with Death"

Submit to Vail [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]] in .txt or .doc.

Both are due by the end of September.

  • Dalthid has suggested 'Darkness Monthly Topics' as a new name for the KMTs... so, DMTs. Any strong feelings about the idea?

  • Remember to let me know if you have any particular event requests for the Krath RoS. I haven't had many suggestions yet... should I assume you'll welcome any and all types of events in the RoS? ;o)

That's all folks!


No, KMTs. :P

KMT's = KHP's Monthly Topics :P

Was it really that offensive to the other Orders to have a competition hosted by a Krath, named that way?

But then, how would we know the difference between a January MT, a June MT, or a July MT?! It's all soooo confoooosing.... ;P

I still think KMTs is an ok name. Just do away with the meaning, and just use the acronym. Or, you could use the first letter as a variable, and use SMT's for September Monthly Topics, OMT's for October, etc., etc.

Oh.... I could have sworn DMT was Dal...

Hmm... maybe it was Kai who suggested that one. A couple of people gave me ideas online, so I can't remember exactly who they all came from.

Apologies to Dal and to whoever suggested DMTs!

Me no wanna lose our KerMiTs! :P

I did? I thought I sent the "BMT's" - Brotherhood Monthly Topics...
I guess I could have, but you should check, I don't wanna be given credit for someone elses idea :)

and yea, I was a big fan of 'KMT' as well... after all, it is run by the KHP - unless that might change too :)

I still go with Monthly Writing Topics (or MWT's for short.) :P

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