Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dinaari Aedile Report

Yet another one of those "inbetween the chapters" weeks. On the bright side, it's almost over and we're starting up our own little activity things. The first was Kir's little caption comp over on the MBs (Link is in the next section). Next, Shad is starting up the QUA Quickies again, watch for that in his report. To summarize the rest of the news stuff: New SHW, Order is for Role Playing, and Battlefront was released to mixed reviews. I know I personally won't get it until I get to play a PC Demo, but there's other people to talk to if you want to find out about it.


Competition Site:

Kir's "Quick & Easy" (I'm sure the typo will be fixed as soon as he reads this...) competition:

(Weekly CF Things - ignore these, just come play with us)

"Moonelf's Quest" - Monday 3:00 PM EST in #gmrg

"Tuesday Showdown" - Tuesday 2:00 PM EST in #gmrg

"Thursday Night Bash" - Thursday 4:00 PM EST in #obelisk (Guns only)

"Battle of Antei" - Friday 10:00 AM EST in #sith

"The ICTE" - Saturday in #outerrim

"Space Jam" - Sunday 1:00 PM EST in #sith

(All channels are on Undernet)

GJW ends soon: (


Kraval Novir left.

dark_marine_2319 left.

Awards, etc.



Stay tuned tomorrow for the "QUA Quickies"

OT Pimp Benevolent Whiner (Obelisk)/AED/Dinaari of Taldryan



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