Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Wow yet another hurricane hits Florida. Luckly my mom has reported that they still have power and no damage. Not even a tree down this time around. Sucks to live down there right now and vacationing down there in the coming year won't be as pretty as it normally is. Ah well life goes on.

Phyle happenings and gossip!!

Today is a special day. One to recognize a truly devoted member of the phyle, the house, and the clan. Today, Shimas was promoted for all his superior activities in just the last two chapters of the Great Jedi War. Shimas you know what was said in your promotion email and I totally agree with it. Congratulations Jedi Hunter and may you continue down your dark path.

Competition stuffs!!

Well they've been saying for like two days now that we'll have the final part of the GJW out soon. I don't know what soon means to them but to me it like means in a few hours to a day. So anyway we are still waiting and hoping for this final piece of a very long GJW. Then we'll start having loads of phyle fun yet again :)

Question of the week!

Why do people stare at others that are just feeding the fish in a pond?

And now for this weeks moment of zen.

Mynocks have invaded the house!! Seems someone forgot to close the docking bay doors the other night and let a flock of Mynocks into the base. While .... .... ..... .... be assured the outages will be restored once these pests are ..... ..... .....

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