Consul Report


Consul Report

Taldryan Consul Report 9-27-04Report # 72

Well not too much happening this week, mostly a bunch of waiting around and recovering after that massive Chapter 4 push we had last week. The Clan and House summits are starting to get our rough ideas for post-GJW Taldryan into shape so that we can jump right into normal House and Clan stuff after the GJW. Ok then, lots of Clan news to get to, so it’s report time.


The Fifth Great Jedi War


5th GJW - Waiting for Epilogue

-Here’s what’s going on. We’re still waiting for the graded results of Chapters 3 & 4, and we’re also waiting for the “Epilogue” to start. From what I read in #db today, the epilogue is written and we’re just waiting for Trev to post it, so it should be up ASAP.

-The Epilogue is going to have several events that go along with it (I’ve heard Single Player missions, or at least that’s the rumor), so let’s really hit these hard and get them done so we can score well and put this GJW behind us!

-Also a side note, I’ve mentioned we’re waiting on some scores, and I know a lot of you are getting antsy, but we all have to be patient. Grading the hundreds of individual submissions that come in (imagine grading 50 pieces of fiction, all of which are 5+ pages long!) and then gathering all the information and ensuring that it’s all correct takes some time, especially considering the complexity of this GJW and the fact that only a couple people have the ability to do all this. So try to be patient, the results will be released!

-That’s all the GJW for this report, if you have any questions about the War, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses], or you can email your QUA!


Almost over!!


Clan Taldryan News

-Several days ago Ektrosis Quaestor Shadonyx had to resign due to the constraints of college life. Shadonyx has been a steady presence for Ektrosis, and is very popular amongst his members. We are saddened to see him step down, but he will remain in Ektrosis and be as active as he can be.

-I will not be opening up applications for Quaestor, because there is a member who for months has been demonstrating his leadership abilities who very much deserves this position. Therefore I have appointed Krath Priest Dark Sabre, former Aedile, to the position of Ektrosis Quaestor! Applications will not be taken for a replacement Aedile either, as that position has already been taken by Dark Jedi Knight Nexusmage! I am very happy with this new summit, and I am confident they will lead Ektrosis to greatness! Congratulations to them both!

-Since there's a little lull in activity and things to do, and because I know (or at least hope) that some of those APPs are itching to compete in something and fulfill their activity requirement...I've created another Quick & Easy CON competition! This one is a caption competition (i.e. I post a picture, you guys make funny captions for it, funniest wins). You can post as many captions as you'd like and people have already been posting, so go put up your ideas! It is going to be run on the Taldryan message board, and you can find the thread here:

-Also I've received several emails over the last couple weeks from people who cannot login/post/etc on the message boards. I'm going to make a list and send it to Jac so he can fix it, but I need some stuff from all of you who are having problems. If you are having problems, email me ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) your MB name (ex. mine is "Kir Katarn") and the error message you get. Hopefully we can get these problems fixed.

-Also I wanted to give you all an update on the “Clan Heritage Program” (i.e Codex). There are going to be 5 "Chapters", each with a variety of subsections. The Chapters are, "General Dark Brotherhood Information", "Present Day Taldryan", "Clan Taldryan History", "House Histories", and "Miscellaneous". Out of these, I have totally completed two of them, with the other three very near completion.

As soon as the chapters are totally finished I'm going to discuss creating a SA-type setup for the Codex with Sharad. If we can get that setup, then I've been thinking about starting a "clan scholars" group or something, with unofficial clan titles for people who have completed certain amounts of courses at a certain level. This is still a rough idea that I'll work on more once the actual Codex is finished. This is going to be my main concern after the GJW; I want to get this finished as soon as I can, so I can move onto new and exciting CON-ish things! So there's an update for you all...hope you're excited!

-Well it’s been two weeks, and that means its time for me to announce two new members of the Cohors Praetoria Taldryae. The main criteria for my selection this week are Chapter 4 activity so the new members are….Horus and Nexusmage! Congrats to you both!

-The Clan and House summits are already brainstorming/working on competitions and other fun stuff for after the GJW, so be ready for that!

-All Clan Projects and Programs are on hold for the duration of the GJW.

DB News

-Star Wars: Battlefront was released this week (along with the original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, yay!!) and has already become a popular new game in the DB. You can find its official website, with all sorts of cool features, here: I recommend every check it out; I know a lot of us will probably be buying it in the near future! The SHW has just purchased a new server for Battlefront that is capable of hosting 50 players; this should be up and running soon.

-The “Star Wars Gaming News” website is up and has lots of cool information about upcoming Star Wars games! You can check it out here:

-Not much more important DB news this week, if you want to read DC reports you can see them on of course

  • The Weekly Multiplayer Competitions are still going on regardless of the GJW. The dates and times can be found on the Clan Taldryan website in the competitions section.

-The Monthly [Writing] Topics (MTs) for September are “Negative Three Hundred and Fifty-Seven Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”, and “Conversations with Death”, see the KHP’s weekly report for more information.

-Be sure to visit for all the news.

Medals, Promotions, and Transfers


Quejo – Clusters of Fire

Nexusmage – Clusters of Fire

Dark Sabre – Clusters of Fire

Thor – Clusters of Fire


APP Korin Rashh to NOV


APP Legion to Dinaari


-If you ever need to see an old Consul report, all of mine are up on!

That’s all for this week, as always if you have any questions/comments/just want to talk, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or just go onto IRC as I’m logged on quite often! Or talk to me on AIM, my screen-name is “ConsulKir”!

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In Darkness,

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