Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Where is the epilogue? I don't know, do you? We're still waiting because of some real life matters within the folks running it.

Big congratulations go to Shimas for earning a promotion to Jedi Hunter!! He's really done well over the course of the GJW. He also earned 3 CFs.

Aari transferred to Rogue for the time being due to real life. I hope to see her again soon.

Also, regarding my warning from last time, I have heard from only a couple folks and they have removed themselves from the list (if they were there to begin with) because they have explained things. I don't need details, just info.

Finally, and this is something I have been lax in mentioning, I want you to consider joining the Master-Student program. Anyone above DJK can take on an apprentice to help them train and earn their new ranks. They also play a key role in the trials of their apprentice. I am willing to take on a student.

Oberst has contacted the higher ranking members and will be contacting the newer members later this week. If you are interested, please respond. This is a worthwhile project, one that can help you personally and the Clan as a whole.

Finally, I will be out of town this coming Thursday-Monday, so Spears will be in charge of the House (and, if he disappears for whatever reason, Telona can run things until I return- it won't be long).

In darkness,

KPN Anshar Kahn

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