Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

This week has been even slower than last. But I’ve started a new job this week so that’s sorta my excuse. Under a lot of personal stress. But I’ll make it up to ya’ll. I’ll back ya cookies or something.

On a happy note…there’s actually more than one person in this phyle now! 2 whole people. So yay for Cyris. Now that there’s actually member*S* of this battle team we can start having fun and be super duper active… Damn we need more members tho!

Okay, that’s my short little report for this week. Wasn’t it cute? Oh yeah, and hopefully by this weekend my temp website will be up and after that I can work on getting some help for the most awesomest perm website in the whole db!!! Or at least a better perm website than temp website.

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