Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

It's already been a week since I've taken the job of Quaestor... too

bad I don't have a whole lot to show for it yet. :P Shar's working on

a site for us that I can actually update so be on the lookout for

that. I've seen what he's worked on so far and I can tell you now that

it'll be pretty sweet.

Short report this week as not a whole lot has happened except waiting

for the Conclusion to be released. Anyways, on with it!



Not much happening with that I'm afraid. We should be getting the

final chapter soon as I've been told it's been written... We're also

waiting for results which I've been told multiple times that are

coming but I'm afraid that they must have been... misplaced.

Anyways, take advantage of the break because once the final chapter

comes out I will be flooding your mailboxes with proclamations of doom

and threats if you do not participate. :P


Not a whole lot happening... for those of you in the GMRG (which isn't

many) SP is no longer being offered. And Strategos is the new JO

company commander.

Today's the last day for you to submit to the KMTs, especially mine (I

still haven't gotten any entries so send them to me or die). Info can

be found in the KHP's report or http://www.krath.org/comps.php.

If you're uninfected, please stop spamming the DBNormal egroup as it's

driving some of the DC batty and making the stuff that's already going

to take a while take longer. :P

No cheating on SA tests or you'll be severely punished by the

Justicar. No exceptions.


-This week saw the departure of Coranel, Octavian and Curunir from the

House due to lack of GJW activity. A few of you are on my blacklist

and may be next if you don't do anything in this last chapter.

-NexusMage and I are still trying to get coordinated so we should have

worked out a system soon.

-We've only got three applications for TETs so please send those in.

Requirements are as follows:


-Wanting to help out with the House and Clan

-Willing to encourage others and make them active

-Leadership skills (just outline a few of them you believe you possess

with your application)

-Rank of PRT+


-Completion of the Leadership Studies course

Applications go to myself, NexusMage and Kir.

-I also want to know what games you all have for MP (Star Wars games

of course) as I'm planning a big competition and I know we're Krath

but some multiplayer won't hurt will it? Just respond to this e-mail

saying what games you have (JK, JO, JA, XWA, XvT, etc.)

-As I mentioned before, PCON Sharad is working on a site for us so we

should have one soon.

[Shinies and SA Courses]

Tiberius passed the Leadership Studies and ICQ Studies this week.

Both myself and NexusMage were awarded Clusters of Fire for

participation at the ICTE (I got 2, Nex picked up 4).


I'm sure I'll think of something to put here eventually. :P

-QUA Dark Sabre

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