Aedile Report


Aedile Report


pfft if you don’t read the news what makes me think you read my reports?

DB Comps!


   House of Kirleta AED stuff you should know  

·I am Acting QUA till a new one comes, I would like to Remind everyone of my step down on Oct 19th..

·Kirleta is what I like to call “The Calm” where it is so damn peaceful around here that we lose members with me leaving I hope I don’t come back to a clan no more so I am asking you please get out there and recruit, hit up a friend, neighbor, school friend, parents, any family member, pets, make a clone, do something we need more peeps.

·I have picked up to students on there way to DJK, JH Warhunter and JH Xhedias They are both on there last trial.

·BATTLE TEAM SGTS!!!! I need you to start sending me your reports.

·All new peeps here is a Promo guide just for you! :




None done


To many members to keep count.

SGT/CMDR reports

Warhunter- LoA



CSK roster:

Kirleta roster:

CON Report:

QUA Report:

  AED reports:  

Contacts Summit

CON Overlord Gord Darkonian [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

QUA Warlord Vessicant [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

AED Templar Silent [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Battle team leaders

Delphian Squadron (SITH)- none

Midnight Blade- Jedi Hunter WarHunter [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Eternal Plague- Dark Jedi Knight Pug Milamber Titanos [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Stupid Crap!

Stay active and remember this: “To die today, is to live tomorrow.”

OT Silent (Obelisk)/AED/Kirleta of Satal Keto [GMRG: SVP] [ACC: SKR]



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