Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report




 [State of the Order](#soto)  

 [The Sith Order recognizes...](#recog)  

 [Sith Site/Battle Compendium](#ssbc)  

 [Sith in Fiction](#sific)  




[ <font color="#FFD700"> State of the Order</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> I'd say the Sith continue to be stable, and I think the addition of Battlefront is going to help us out for a while. We continue to have a lot of people from other clubs, and just from off the internet, coming onto the DB server, shich gets us attention, and hopefully should produce some additions. This can also be an opportunity for people from the Clans to try and recruit to themselves, specifically. If you're in a Clan, and have Battlefront, why not get on the server, and try to attract some people to your Clan? As far as Battlefront goes, Demos is getting the practice nights going, and is trying to prepare for the TWL. If you have Battlefront, and are interested in playing for the DB, get in touch with Demos. I believe he said the team is full, but there's nothing that says you might get on, if someone has to be swapped out, or isn't fulfilling their committment. With a reworking of the structure, those competing for the DB in external leagues, such as the TWL, will be conscripted into the Guard. Since the GMRG is the unit specifically set up to have external gaming in mind, this goes along with that ideal, etc., etc. At school the other day, I had an idea for some background on a possible, upcoming Sith War. As far as I know, Lannie has a Krath War coming, and people also need a break from the GJW, so I wouldn't expect this until possibly next spring; I'll probably try to work it in around spring break, or a holiday if possible. But be aware, I am starting to work on some ideas, and hopefully you'll all enjoy them. I'm also working on a revamp of the DB fleet, along with some options of using the flight sims, and fictional comps, to detail how we get/build/whatever these new ships. Nothing is solid in planning yet, but I'm still working over it. As I get more, and have approval from Jac and FF on this, I'll release more. And since I and my staff are working with Mav and his staff on this, Mav will probably leaks some of the info on this to you as time goes by, and such, as well.

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<a name="#recog"><p align="Left"><font color="#FFD700"> The Sith Order recognizes...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> As I've mentioned before, this is the section wherein I'll be recognizing people for their efforts, specifically devoted to helping the Order thrive, and progress. If you want your name up here, get in touch with me, find out how you can provide support, and add your own efforts to the Sith. You don't have to be a member of the Order to offer assistance; youjust have to want to work, and do your own part for the benefit of others. In particular, I'm possibly looking for artists to help me on a few projects. If you like drawing, or rendering graphics, get in touch with me, and we'll see what you can do for the Order.

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<a name="#ssbc"><p align="Left"><font color="#FFD700"> Sith Site/Battle Compendium</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Still in the works, and I've had some ideas for future additions. Lenzar has sent me rar files for a bunch of other battles, and once the database is done, we'll be able to progress on this more. I would like to recognize someone here, simply because it's fitting. Cyberguy, our own, awesome Seneschal, had made the Compendium site database, and is working over it all to make sure that it works with the current database, and with Rebirth. I don't believe his efforts ever were noticed appropriately, and he has my respect, and gratitude for doing so. Expect to see something in the mail, Cybey. :) You're awesome.

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<a name="#sific"><p align="Left"><font color="#FFD700"> Sith in Fiction</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> If you didn't read my report last weekend, I've challenged the Sith and Obelisk Orders to "beat the Krath" in Lannie's KMTs. Basically, I want to show everyone that the Sith are just as capable at writing as any Krath are. And on top of that, I know there are some Obelisk members who are just as developed with the pen, as they are the lightsaber. For any Sith or Obelisk who makes it into the top three placings in any of Lannie's KMTs, you get a Dark Cross. If Sith and Obelisk make a sweep of the top three placings in any of her KMTs, you all get a Star of Antei. This doesn't just mean this month, this means every KMT from now until whenever. Show off your talent, step up to the Krath, and let's see some quality writing from the Sith and Obelisk Orders.

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<a name="#comps"><p align="Left"><font color="#FFD700"> Competitions</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Are you tired of the same old stuff for competitions? Are the endless nights of signup bots and no active participants getting on your nerves? Well, they're getting on my nerves, as well as those of Shaithis, and Demosthenes. I got together with Demos and Shai separately to discuss this issue, and the three of us have come to some conclusions about the current gaming nights in the DB -- 1) There's far too many. For whatever reason they all sprang up, it's too much, and hasn't increased interest in playing on those nights. 2) They're far too similar. There's no real distinction from each night, except for their names. They might as well be "Night 1/2/3...." and so on. So, starting Sunday, the gaming nights are being concelled for a week, while Shai, Demos and I restructure them. There's no longer going to be a comp every night; there's no reason to have them, if people don't want to play in them. They're no longer going to be carbon copies of each other; there will be a different game, or style of game, depending on the night. We're also going to have weekly, or bi-weekly tournament nights, which will most likely be an event you need to signup to, and will likely be on the weekend, so that more people can attend. So, look for another announcement about these next week, and for those of you hosting competitions, look to get in touch with us, we'll be looking to see who is still interested in helping administrate competition.

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<a name="#misc"><p align="Left"><font color="#FFD700"> Miscellaneous</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The Great Jedi War is finally winding down, and I know I've heard a few sighs of relief from across the globe. However, there's still a few days left, and there's still SP missions to turn in, as well as a fiction event. If you haven't submitted, get on it. There's no reason you can't play the 10-minute missions if you have the games, or write up a page worth if you can only submit fiction. Everyone should be taking part in these, no matter "how long it's taken," or whatnot. Competitions don't always go to plan, but this is all about working together as a Clan, and trying to stomp the other Clans into the ground. It's almost over, you can all squeeze out the interest for a few more days, so get on it. It ends on the 13th, so hurry and have fun!

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<a name="#conc"><p align="Left"><font color="#FFD700"> Conclusion</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Work continues on the Sith Order powers, which I haven't mentioned as much as some people might like. Needless to say, they're going to be structured according to the nature of the Order, what it should always be, and what people should always feel like if they're a part of it. The DSC will likely be altered on some levels to reflect this, and I think it's a great time to be in the Sith Order. If youhave talents, share them with the Order, and yes, you will be rewarded. If you can write, go out and beat the Krath, and get a DC; hopefully, some more people of the Sith and Obelisk will do the same, and make it a sweep, so you can all have StAs. There's plenty of opportunities to shine among the Sith, and if you don't see them, email me, and I'll show them to you. I'm here to help, not just stand up on a pulpit and make orders at you. If you need to get in touch with me, email </font></p></a><a href=" Me!">[Log in to view e-mail addresses]</a>, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours, tops. I promise. And that ends it for this week. You don't have to read everything on my reports, just the stuff that sounds interesting. If you ever need anything, get in touch with me via email, or hit me up on IRC. My nick is Bloodfyre, and you can leave me a message on the nick Sith|Out if I'm away. Have a good week, and see you at the ICTE. It's todat at 4PM EST!

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<p><font color="#EE0000"> Dark Side Adept Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font> <font color="#FFFAFA">

The Ghost Dragon, Gui Long

High Warrior of the Sith </font> </p> ]()

Is it really fair to offer medals to people who are generally gamers, but write well? I'm not sure if this is the best of ideas; offering DCs and StAs just because someone can write... besides a good number of Sith and Obelisk don't game, period.

I hate you all, regardless of Order, sex or creed.

Evreyone of you...

....pure HATRED.

Like Hippies give out love, for me, it's just the hate....

......and lots of it.


Dark Jedi Master Mejas Doto, di Tenebrous Arconae
Just a bad ass mofo Dark Jedi Master

DJM Mejas Doto(Krath)/P:HRLD/Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC: CBT]


I think its awesome.... I have gone up against some excellent writers in the ACC who were Sith and Obbie. It'll be good to see more of them participating in the MT's (Lannie canned the K). I have created a writing centre for my clan and have highly encouraged the sith and obbies in CEK to utilize it. Keep up the awesome work BF.

Stupid Krath. :P

:: grumbles :: I was posting in your defense and you defended yourself... wimp :-p you got your post out before me. :-p

Just a couple things.
1) I was Krath for no less than 3.5 years. If you think "I hate the Krath," grow up, and get a clue. This is a little challenge for the Sith and Obelisk Orders to get involved in the KMTs, because too many people think it's "Krath-only."
2) Whether some of the Sith and Obelisk "don't game, period" doesn't matter; the issue here is how many of them get involved in Lannie's stuff. So, that's another reason; I'm trying to help promote Lannie's comps. And I'm allowed to do that, too.
3) I'm going to be offering the same incentives to Krath for various other things. I guess you just have to wait and see.
And lastly, on a personal note. Manji: show me wherein I said that "Krath can't write, let's show them that." I think you misinterpreted me, and I do believe you owe me an apology. For future reference, if you don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses], and you'll find out, I'm a pretty nice guy, and more than willing to explain myself.
Thank you much.

What it is, is a challenge. Bloodfyre is challenging the Sith and Obelisk to step up and become active in the Fiction area of the DB as well as the Gaming areas.

What it should be to the Krath members is a reason to get active and submit to these events so that the Sith and Obelisk do not place. Its not we hate the Krath, if you choose to take it that way well thats your buisness. If it does bother you simply start entering the KMT's and help insure that the Sith and Obelisk can't place or sweep.

The members of the Krath Order do have a say in this, what we must do is simply beat them at our own game, which is writing.

...and is it just me, or does this whole idea of awarding the Sith and Obelisk for participating in KMT's smack of 'we all hate the Krath- let's try and prove that they can't really write'? Seems quite sad and self-centred to me... but hey. I'm just a lowly Priest, what do I know? ¬_¬

Yeah, yeah, okay... I apologise, BF. I was pretty tired when I read your report... my caffeine-infused brain just interpreted that whole section wrongly. And I posted before thinking about it properly, as usual. bows down to the floor Please don't incinerate me... ^^
Oh, and Mejas.... we love you too ^

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