New Layout...


New Layout...


Hey folks. As you can tell we've got a new layout(well, actually old) set up, since the previous one belonged to a member of the EH who wished it to remain with him. Since it is our organization's belief that a member's creation is his in most cases, we're going to be using this layout until we can get a replacement one up. :)</bow>

Just an ammendum....

If you want to create a new layout -- feel free :)

Its still there. I'm forcing Fae's for now til we can get the default removed.

Why did my layout get removed then? :P

You should send all the graphics to CG so he could add it to the layout selection, Mejas.

As some fo you know, I have already done the graphics for a new layout. I need a style sheet that matches the colour scheme of the layout bar - so if anyone wants to lend a hand it'd be much appreciated.

Furthermore, any comments/suggestion, eitehr positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated. Please send to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Dang it...and I had just finished changing the background color of my banner to #999999. Then it turned black again. hehehehe. Black is the best anyhow :P

What about Sharad's design? I for one used that layout!

How would one submit such a layout? CSS, HTML, just the images... ?

PLEASE Hurry with a new layout. This yellow.. "thing" is driving me ( and many others) completely nuts. I understand you used it in a pinch, but please get it changed asap!!!

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