MB Moderators updated :-)


MB Moderators updated :-)

Okay folks,

I spent the last hour updating the moderators on the Message Boards. If you are on a Summit you should be a mod for the appropriate house board (s) now.

There were some people that either aren't registered or I couldn't match up their name with a MB nick. The following people should register and then tell me their name (or just tell me i missed them). Korbane, Camile, Drako, Gord, Selket, Octavian, Doc, Murkow, VinDoros, Glorfindel, Zekk.

Thanks all,
That Stupid Jac Guy

But this one is more funny :P

You know, I actually liked your previous signature line better. It's more fun to read "His Eminence" than it is to read "That stupid guy". :-)

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