Galaxies Tribune Report


Galaxies Tribune Report



        Okay that out of the way here is another report of the Guild.   

        Jump to LightSpeed has hit!  

                    BIG BIG BIG Kudos to Bilden’da who totally revamped his character to Master Shipwright for us! Whoot!!!<  

                    I personally ran around day one of the JtL launched too see if I could make a lvl1 TIE from scratch, I could that means on day one there were master shipwrights about…go figure.   

                    And yes it is true the Pilot Classes do not take skill points so you can enjoy hoping about in your TIE and maybe become an Ace Pilot via xp with no skill point cost.  

                    Bilden’da you now have admin. You can place your vendor within the hall, I am going to make the GH public to allow a Vendor like you were talking about. Also you can use one of the side rooms as your storage room for the Ship Chassy deeds. I am working on the other harvesters and mining deeds.  

                    In game congratulations to : Vithril he finally made it To TK Novice the beginnings of his first advanced classes. As well to Tuara for making it to TK Novice as well as Novice Creature Handler, she plans to give us our own mounted cavalry on dragons as she has told me.   

                    Masters within the Guild (If I miss you its because I don’t know) :   

                    Gilkane: TK Master & Master Marksman  

                    Bilden’da: Master Artisan  

                    Renodiar: TK Master   

                    Mordecai: Master Smuggler  

I know there are more masters in this guild Kess and Nik I know you have mastery’s

                    Welcome our four newest members Amadeas RedCloud, Ease Ugoos, Hovafia Ib and Keveev! Welcome I hope to see your email with dossier numbers soon.  

                    Total Number for the Guild is 15.   

                    At the request of DGM Mav we will soon have to work out some sort of Charter/ rules of conduct.  

                    Oh yes I got my 180 day veteran reward, an awesome yacht, and you can walk around it, if you group with me you can walk around it. Its 3 tiers and completely awesome!! We will have to hold Guild Meetings and Parties aboard it and I am thinking if we can PvP on it what a wonderful private venue.   

                    UIP (United Imperial P….) a guild that Renodiar has worked on allying with us is now in place and has I am pleased to say a Covert Rebel Scanner in place WHOOT!  So you PvPer’s we have the means to give you some hunting.   

                    If there are any announcements I missed please give us a heads up.  

                    Play On.  

Baron-Dark Side Adept Gilkane Blackheart

DA Gilkane Blackheart (Krath)/BAR/Dark Council

/Byss of Exar Kun [ACC: GJW]



Sacrifice your....enemies-Gilkane

You for got to mention one little thing....... the Guild website is up and running. more features will be added to it, but for all purposes, it is ready for use right now. The link is.... drum roll......... The Dark Order of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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