Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Welcome to this week's Night Falcons report, dated 30/10/2004

Squadron News

We have a new pilot! Welcome to ACO Thorin Oakenshield!

Myself, Adian and Khel have entered Tissaya's drunk clanmate comp! I would like to see Sancho and Thorin enter too, giving 100% participation from the Night Falcons!

I was appointed an Operator in the Antei Combat Centre last Sunday. If anyone in Night Falcons (or the rest of HMR) wants to get started with the ACC, feel free to challenge me for your qualification battle!

House news

Check latest QUA report by Muz or AED report by Manji.

Roster changes

ACO Thorin Oakenshield:



Name Email Rank

Sith Commander Lenzar Demonis Entar| Warlord

Sith Flight Member Khel Nor'Tal | Dark Jedi Knight

Sith Flight Member Sancho | Jedi Hunter

Sith Flight Member Adian Griffin | Protector

Sith Flight Leader TBA

Sith Flight Member Thorin Oakenshield | Acolyte

That concludes this report

SWL Lenzar Demonis Entar (Sith)/M:SHW-CMDR-EP/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow [ACC: OPR]



[Tarentum: Sith War winners 2004]

Eclectic Pedagog, Channel Operator Basics

"We can make our come true, all our dreams will see us through,

dosen't matter what may come our way, believe us now, we will win some


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