New Deputy Grand Master and Emissary


New Deputy Grand Master and Emissary

Since I already had someone in mind for DGM, it didn't take very long. It is kinda funny to see a Grand Master as Deputy Grand Master, but he's a great guy and compensates for my weaker points. So, good luck to stup...erm to Jac as DGM!

And to replace him as Emissary, I had to choose a senior Clan Leader, someone who has been around the block a few times and knows what he's doing. So, I've given the job to Dark Adept Drako, former Consul of Clan Satal Keto. Congratulations!

Congrats Drako...maybe you'll actually return my da man!

Go Jac!!!

w00t Jac! You rule man. Good luck.

Congrats, Drako! I'm sure you'll make a great EMS!

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