Consul and Proconsul of Arcona


Consul and Proconsul of Arcona

With the departure of Mav as temporary Consul of Arcona, now is the time for the appointment of the permanent Consul and Proconsul. I took some time to discuss this with a couple of Arcona members and I reviewed the info I got from the few applicants I was in contact with. So, I have decided to appoint Dark Adept Mejas Doto as Consul and Krath Pontifex Voranyen as Proconsul. Both are veteran members of the DB and have been in Arcona for a long time. I know they will both take good care of the Clan.

Mejas, I trust you will do the same great job you always do. Congratulations.

Vor, you as well. I am happy to see you back and working with us to reshape the DB! Congrats!

Yup... Same here

Congrats to you both, gentlemen. I look forward to serving under you.

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