Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Hope all of you Americans had a good Thanksgiving (ugh... so much food

:P) and that the rest of you enjoyed your Thursdays.

Not a whole lot going on (most people being on vacation) and so

there's the news... but for the most part you can look at that on your

own. :P

[Clan and House Stuff]

-BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR CLANMATES! I'm tired of the bitching and

fighting and so is the rest of the House leadership.

-Not much else going on but...

Apoc seems to have gone crazy... anybody know anything about this?



-Last medal awarded (a Cr-T) to Amras

+ICTE 11/20

-1 CF for Chaosrain

-4 CFs for NexusMage

+Tuesday and Thursday Gaming Events

-2 CFs for Chaosrain

[Elevations and Transfers]

-Mystiel Raleigh to NOV and to ACO!

-Please welcome Vodo Biask from Dinaari! He was also promoted to ACO this week!

Promotion guidelines can be found here: http://www.krath.org/DS/EkkyTrials.html

So go do lots of competitions and stuff!

[Shadow Academy]

Mystiel Raleigh passed...

ICQ Studies

Krath CORE

IRC Basics

IRC Channel Operator Studies

MSN Messenger

Krath Grammar Studies

Vodo Biask passed...

Krath CORE

MSN Messenger

Dark Jedi Meditation Studies


The KMTs (or writing topics or whatever) are still running and so is

(I think) one of the Character Development competitions run by the

KHP's office. Go do those... or else. Competition info is available on

the Clan site (http://www.taldryan.org), by clicking on Competitions.

-QUA Dark Sabre

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