Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Report for Battle Team Midnight Blade

Sith Commander Khamier Sarin

ID NO: 5 (This is for Thanksgiving report)

My GOD! Over half the Team is gone!! Well at least we now know who is active, and well... I'll leave the rest for your imagination.. (You do have one, right?... :P) Anyway, I hope ya'll had a good Thanksgiving, I know I sure did. Plenty of turkey, stuffing, and of course candied yams.. Mmm mmm good.. Heh, I think I ate waaay to much turkey and ended up konked out on the couch.. Since there really aren't too many of us, I'll take it easy on you. Feel free to challenge me at any time in the ACC..


Well, my competion "How many ways can you shave a Wookiee?" is waiting for to be approved. I'll try to let you know when its done, but, at least keep and eye on it if you can.

WarHunter's "Winter Cleaning" sure has left everything kinda silent on my end.. Gone for the holidays and come back to find there's not many Midnight Blader's left.. Oh well, we needed it anyway..




The Crescent with Emerald Star was awarded to me (PRT Khamier Sarin)



BT Leader Comments Korner

I know there are only 4 of us right now, but lets pop out the chips and dip and soda.. PARRTYYY!! Well holler at ya later!


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