Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


KE Azazell Djo’tarr (Krath) Has been transferred from Rogues to Qel Droma

APP Fare Complexion Xyler (Krath) Has been transferred from Rogues to Qel Droma

APP Sweet Native Xyler (Krath) Has been transferred from Rogues to Qel Droma

Awards & Promotions:


Roster Changes:

Mejas, Astraea, Azazell, and Fare are all in the Dark Orb Phyle. Darkwind, Broskin, and Sweet Native are now in Prophecy. Apparently Laethan did not place anyone while he was in office. That part is fixed. :P

A big welcome to KE Azazell Djo’tarr who has come back to us from the Rogues. Also our two newest members are also the two newest members to the Xyler family. A big welcome to Sweet Native Xyler and Fare Complexion Xyler. I know I asked about the names myself :P

Shadow Academy

Frost passed the IRC Op exam. I think he’s trying to say something :P

HQD/Arcona News

1.Vass sort of Returned from LoA the other day but has yet to return at all. Soon though. I’ll have to talk to that Rokir :P

2.HOO say’s we can’t compete with them. I’m working on changing that and providing an outlet to prove it.

3.A house comp will be started as soon as I get approval. You should all like it.

DB News:

1.Lannie’s DJM now!!! Yayness for the KHP!!

2.Jac explains the RPG aspect of the DB

3.Lord Hegemon and Scroll of Indoctrination now have new definitions added to them.


1.Lannie has another Char. Dev Comp out.

2.Soon I’ll have a comp out for all of you to enjoy.

3.The ACC has another DB wide comp going. I’m signed up for it and just waiting for the moment to start writing up my post :P

My thing

I ultimately took too long to write this short report though I see no reason why since I do this type of thing at work all the time. :P Work for me is starting to cut into my after hours life again hence my absence for the past few days. Also I’ll be going on a LoA from the 3rd to the 13th of December. I’m also working on getting leadership positions filled out so that we can have a strong house than it has been in the past weeks. C/yaz.

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