Consul Report


Consul Report

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28th November 2004 </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" height="19"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" height="19"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" height="19"> What an interesting week this has been... First off my computer went poopy. Turned it on... and nothing. No power. We unplugged stuff and fiddle around... still no power. "Hmm" we say as we look at the stupid computer. So we take it to get looked at, and it was the power supply. Somehow, it just died. So we got that fixed. Now, i can use the computer again. Whooo! During the time i was away we had the 2nd MML Story. I'm happy to say that we got the answer correct! Yay, so 5 points for us! We have a total of 8 points so far.

  I have the 3rd MML Story, and i will send it out!

We got a special Emissary Review from the Emissary. All Clans got a review, but i'm only going to mention what CSK got. The review was just about our websites. The Emissary said that the CSK Website was excellent. Aleema website was just as good. The Kirleta website needs some work.

  At the time Emissary Tron didn't know that the current Kirleta website is 
  old. Warhunter has been making a new one, and hopefully in the next week 
  it can be up.

Nothing else has been happening... a few House competitions have ended. Enahropes is working on the website still. He's just doing updates to the whole CSK System and fiddling with that.

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Master Student Program: Guide!

  _**CSK Advancement Guide**_**:**

  _**CSK Site Revamp**_**:** []( Enahropes is fiddling with sections of the 
  site, improving them.  

  _**Clan Competition**_**:** Details

  _**CSK Newsletter**_**:** Plans are still being made  

  **_CSK Weekly Meetings_:** Plans are still being made

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  [Dark Jedi 

  [Dark Side 

  [Clan Satal 

  [House Aleema](  

  [House Kirleta](

  [CSK Advancement 

  [Gaming Guide](  

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