Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

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Dark greetings Daemoni brethren,

Good week again. The Daemoni are now know thru out the galaxy and feared by all the people in it :) (just joking, but we are know in the Tarentum and by some outsiders, so keep playing so we can be the most feared). I also have some suggestion: how about we put Daemon in front of our name? (ex: Daemon Frosty Romanae) and I sugesst you wear our tag in multiplayer games [Daemoni]Name (you can do so by typing in the name box: [^1Damoni^7]Name, that works for JO/JA). This changes will work towards our glory :) (trust me say "yes").


Dark Cross awarded to GRD Frosty Romanae

Crescent with Topaz Star awarded to NOV Ice Wolf Romanae

Crescent with Emerald Star awarded to GRD Dox Romanae

and the crescents for this week "Daemoni Get Active" comp are on the way.

Good job for all the ones who've been awarded. (you bring glory to our circle)


none this week


(here are some competitions for you to participate)

"Daemoni Get Active"


"November MT:Scars"


"November MT:Poison"


"Murder Mystery League"




SA Academy

There are some new interesting Shadow Academy test for you to pass, so get studying. Next time if you pass a test I'll give you a Letter of Comendation and if you get ten I'll give you a Dark Cross. (go make me proud! :) )


Here are the Daemons of the moment:

Frosty Romanae<<<....................>>>Guardian

Dox Romanae<<<....................>>>Guardian


Ice Wolf Romanae<<<....................>>>Novice


this is all for this week, but I'm still waiting for Ionutz to get more active. Come one Ionutz! This is an order! :)

GRD Frosty Romanae (Obelisk)/SGT/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: SKR]

Dark brother Frosty, reporter for the Tarentum Chronicles

First Lord Daemon

[ "Experience is a hard teacher, first gives the test and then teaches the lesson" ]

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