Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Well, since its on my mind, I'll do the report now, rather than "at some point in time later today"

Big news this week is that the Tarentum team is still tied for first in the Murder Mystery League. New people can always get involved. Let me know if you are interested (and yes, I'm keeping track of who actually participates).

Next big news is that DJK Cyrax Lionheart has joined House Gladius. Cyrax has been around for awhile, just hasn't always had time to be active (and we all know how that can be). I'm glad that he's here, he's got a good, strong knowledge of the Brotherhood.

Awards (some of which are from the GJW):

-Ice Wolf picked up a Crescent w/a topaz star

-Dox picked up a Crescent w/an Emerald Star

-Frsoty earned a Dark Cross

-Zill earned a Steel Cross

-Welshman got 2 Steel Crosses

-Daryus got a Star of Antei

-Licah got a Steel Cross

-Dranik got a Steel Cross and a Dark Cross

-Kidouses got a Steel Cross and a Dark Cross

-Talon got a Steel Cross

-Zekk got a Steel Cross

-Source got a Dark Cross

-I got a Star of Antei

Big congratulaitons to everyone who got an award of some kind. More to come in the future.

Finally, a few random notes:

-The Clan comp is behind. We know that and I want to apologize to everyone for that.

-Finals are coming up for many people, myself included. I haven't ruled out panicking just, yet.

-Finally, in the near future, Gladius is going to do a little restructuring of the House image, given the multi-order status we now have. This will include a new motto, a coat of arms, a flag, and maybe even a song (so long as Dranik doesn't sing it). Ok, I'm joking about the song, but there will be comps for the other things.

Proving that I can keep a pattern, the song of this week is "She's an Angel" by They Might Be Giants. Once again, its because it happens to be playing right now. That's about the only way I pick these things...

Have a good week, I hope you had a fun Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and good luck. MML team, let's continue to kick ass.


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