Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Gladius report 30/11/04


Hi there guys. Well another week has been and gone and so has the second chapter of the murder mystery league. The third instalment has arrived and the group is busy whittling away at the latest clues and we would always be happy to welcome new people into the fold.

On another topic Gladius has a new circle, yay! The new circle called Wings of Darkness (a temporary name which may be changed soon dependent on the results of a comp) is a flight sim based circle with some writing chucked in for good measure. I would like to thank everyone for being so proactive in the formation of this circle, Daemoni and Keepers of the Nights circles. Thanks guys you make our jobs a much easier!! On the subject of the circles if any of you leaders out there wish some help with getting some things such as impartial judging etc do not hesitate to email or chat to me on IRC and I would be happy to help, no doubt Anshar Kahn or Talon Zetar would also be more then willing to help.

On a side note happy thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate the event. Hope you had a good one and everything went well. For the rest of us hope you enjoyed the week!


Boy o boy there were a lot of these this week. I apologise if I have forgotten to mention someone:

Ice Wolf picked up a Crescent w/a topaz star

-Dox picked up a Crescent w/an Emerald Star

-Frsoty earned a Dark Cross

Zill earned a Steel Cross

Welshman got 2 Steel Crosses

Daryus got a Star of Antei

Licah got a Steel Cross

Dranik got a Steel Cross and a Dark Cross

Kidouses got a Steel Cross and a Dark Cross

Talon got a Steel Cross

Zekk got a Steel Cross

Source got a Dark Cross

Anshar got a Star of Antei

SW Welshman Corsair Tarentae

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