New Clan Scholae Palatinae Consul appointed


New Clan Scholae Palatinae Consul appointed

As expected with the split from the EH, we lost a lot of good members who have chosen to stay with the EHDB. CSP lost a lot of their members, including some of the summit, and instead of closing down the clan, FireFox has granted that a voice from the past be led in to reshape and pull back the clan.

This person is a former CSP Consul and has the best intentions to bring the clan back to its former glory. This person is none other than Krath Epis Cuchulain and by order of the Grand Master, KE Cuchulain is hereby re-instated as the CSP Consul!

I am glad to have Cooch back with us. It is the members like this that come out of the woodwork in hard times who make this club great.

The Emissary is directed to inform Cuchulain of what he needs to do to get up to speed with the rest of the Consuls.

Congratulations Cooch. I have every faith that you will do great.


Welcome back Cooch!

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