Hyperion Flight CMDR Battle Team CMDR needed-


Hyperion Flight CMDR Battle Team CMDR needed-


Hello i am SBL Jeff Loruss. I would like to open the position of Battle Team leader to the entire Sith of the Bark Brotherhood. AED John Backfire Doe has told me that he requires someone of at least the rank Jedi Hunter. Also he would like to see at least two Small COMPS a month. I would also like to add that a small report to the House Summit should be a requirement as it does not take much to do so.

Sor anyone interested in bringing new glory to Hyperion please mail the AED of House Archanis at-
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Thank you.

SBL Jeff Loruss(Sith)/CON/Clan Taldryan

Former Sith Academy Instructor- {SA:DfSS}

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