Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Welcome to my first report as Ziost Quaestor. I'd first like to welcome the new members since I took over (Aticus Jade, Lillie Hawke, Chi Long, Indoril "Knight" Do'Urden, Bladerunner, Lorien Sinclair and Rhiakath.

A new battleteam has been opened known as Emerald Sect. All Novice and below are placed in this battleteam. Apprentices have one week from the day they join the house to get Novice before being put in rogues. Once they gain the rank Acolyte they can join a regular battleteam, Ruby Squadron(Sith/Krath) and Sapphire Birgade(Obelisk).

New Activities:

Persona and History - I want at least a one page story on your charachters history and how you came to be a part of the clan and how and why you chose the order you are in. This will add depth to your charachters and bring us together as a house by combining the histories into a group history.

Ends: 22Jan04 Awards: Best story StA...all participants DC.

Sith Mission Creation - I want missions made for Ziost specifically on the XWA,XvT,XW and TIE platforms. Be sure to use house member names and make it as realistic as possible.

Ends: Indefinite

Awards: DC for each mission

Obelisk MP Competition - Whoever wins the most MP matches in the next 30 days will recieve a medal and will be known as the Ziost Swordsman of the month until the next month.

Ends: 22Jan04

Awards: TBD and known as Ziost Swordsman of the month.

House Run-On - Run on on the house message boards.

Ends: Indefinite

Awards: DC for most posts.


Vally to Exarch

Aticus to Aedile Sunflash to Ruby Squadron CMDR Esca to Emerald Sect Tetrarch Shadowranger to Novice

K'lok to Novice

Cannonblade to Novice

Alastriona to Novice

Schisca to Acolyte

Vosa Soor to Acolyte


None this week


Talon Jade - Sith Core, IRC Ops, IRC Basics

Schisca - Sith Core, MSN messenger, Test of Lore

Dark Vodo - Sith Tactics, MSN messenger, ICQ

#clanexarkun almost has X and will probably have it by end of the week. Good work by everyone keep it up.

In Darkness,

SWM Talon Jade (Sith)/QUA/Ziost of Exar Kun [GMRG: GLD] [ACC: SKR] [SC)/StA-QL/DC-KC/CF/S:-2M]

{SA: U:TS-G:MSN} Fleet Admiral Talon Jade ~ TRIC Navy Commanding

INC: FA Talon Jade - Executive Council (WAELAA) [OIB/SS/MAB/BS/NAM(BOLC)/RM(BSD)/NSR]

"How high can an Eagle soar? Give me an X-Wing and I'll show you." </bow>

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