Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Dreaded Yu Report for 12/29/04

Written by: Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir


General Stuff:

Well our Lord is out till sometime Wednesday or Thursday, not really sure hopefully he comes back soon. Since his departure I’m in charge so unless you here differently please forward all comments and or concerns to me. Thanks

There has been a lot of inactivity going on in the circle, don’t know why, and I guess you have your reasons. If there is anything I can do to help you out feel free to ask either myself or Merlance.

Don’t forget the challenge to Viper Brigade on the 8th of January at 1pm EST, I will send out a email to notify you when it gets closer. Like to see more than 1 or 2 members of the Circle there.

Not a lot has been going on of late in the Clan other than the Comp that Telona and Rekio have going on. Phase two is currently in progress.

ICTE is Saturday and is a go from what I here. Bi-weekly tournament is on the 9th of January


Dark Jedi Knight Merlance-Commander of Yu

Jedi Hunter Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir-2nd Hand of Yu

Dark Side Adept Pyralis

Jedi Hunter Shimas

Guardian Nit`Chu Tetsuo

Protector Vardar

Acolyte Yemmer

N/A-Soon to be announced

Activities of Members:

Merlance, he’s been on and off of IRC chatting, and mass amounts of Gaming

Ma’ar-Tyrius, Very active presence on IRC and gaming

Pyralis, Hes been on LoA and has finally came back for a few days before leaving again. Hes gotten somewhat caught up with his emails and gotten a few matches in here and there.

Shimas, he’s currently taking his trials for Dark Jedi Knight, and has been also on IRC chatting away, and grabbing a few games here and there.

Nit`Chu, he’s been gone for a week, but he might have poked his head in when I was away. Last time I seen him was during ICTE on the 18th.

Vardar, he’s been off and on IRC chatting

Yemmer, she’s been on and off of IRC chatting


Only one handed out from the last report too Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir he received a Dark Cross for his hosting and grading of the December Character Development Competition.


Viper –vs- Yu challenge, here is the link to the information:

Clan Comp Phase 2 is in progress please read your emails concerning this. Here is the link for the details:

Tuesday and Thursday gaming, don’t forget these are all day deals, and Thursday’s gaming is team but 1 vs 1 will count also.

ICTE on Saturday this will start back on 1/1/05

Sunday’s Bi-Weekly Tournament this will re-start up on 1/9/05

Dark Voice Newsletter submissions are due on 1/9/05 by midnight.

The two MT’s for December are running to a close on the 31st Poem: Ecstasy, Story: “Moment of peace” here is the two links for those as well:

That’s all folks! Lets get active!

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