Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Ensanguined Reavers Phyle Report

December 31, 2004

DB News:

1)Dark Council is on Hiatus until the new year; send any concerns to the appropriate Magistrates

Clan News:

1)New faces, new comps, new year

House News:

1)We’re quietly plotting the downfall of all the other clans… i.e. same ol’ stuff

Phyle News:

1)New Motto!

2)AWOL check coming up

3)Tetrarch on LoA; traveling to parts unknown

Medals, Promotions, Transfers, etc.:

Where to start…

1)Vervain Markenin – Promotion to ACO, Completed IRC Basics, Leadership Studies, Cr-E

2)Isaiah Demonicus- Promotion to PRT, Cr-E

3)ACO Jeahesic Forkall – Transfer to Kirleta/Sith Order

4)NOV Alexander – Passed IRC Basics,

5)JH Minerva Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez – Cr-E

6)JH Zadious: Cr-T x2, Cr-S,

Current Competitions:

1) December KMT’s:

A.Poetry – “Ecstasy”:

B.Fiction – “The Moment of Peace”:

2)The Spoils of Battle:

3)The Ominous Overture – DEADLINE EXTENED TO 5 JANUARY!!

4)IRC Quotes :

5)Mission Impossible? Part 1:

Upcoming Competitions:

None at present; any ideas should be submitted to either myself, Callus, or


A Word from the Tetrarch:

Hey, everyone… I sincerely hope your holiday season is treating you well. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Phyle, as you can see from the awards listing above; excellent job! Coming from one of the ‘older’ folks in the Phyle (Yes, even older than the QUA =P ), it’s an amazing sight to see everyone stepping up when the Brotherhood’s activity level normally drops. Competitions are hit-and-miss for now, and will continue to be throughout the DB for the next few weeks, but expect things to pick up next month as the first Krath Rite of Supremacy begins! I know you’ll all represent us very well. There will likely be a few extra, fairly quick competitions coming out in the next few days from me; expect those to run for a couple of weeks, until the next Phyle report.

Speaking of reports… this will be the last report for me for a little while. For those of you who aren’t aware, I’ll be traveling to Europe on Tuesday for a seven-month study trip. Unfortunately, this will impact my ability to compete in many of the regular competitions (ICTE, RoS, etc.), but as long as I can help it, I’ll be working within the Phyle. Xhed and Callus know how to run the show, so if you have any immediate concerns, make sure to contact them. My e-mail will not be checked from approximately 3 January to 20 January, give or take a few days; please don’t feel bad if I don’t return your messages until then.

Lastly, remember that we do have an activity check coming up. Though I scheduled the deadline for tomorrow, I’m extending it to 20 January due to my impending absence. DO NOT consider this a chance for you to procrastinate! With the RoS coming up, we’ll want the highest activity level possible, and those who choose to sit and mooch off others’ successes will need to explain why they’re not working with us.

Have an excellent weekend, don’t party too hard, and best wishes to you and yours in the coming year. See you all in a few weeks!



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