Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Woot for stupid school! ill keep you short as such that you may continue down the road to darkness.( Ya I am asking my self whe same question... What the Heck was that...o.O)

BT News

I am going to start our own little BT website/ forum soon. i hope it will look nice i just need the time. Yes High school blows... so it will be up soon.

Also glad to see more activity from some of you! ^.^


Oh well nada. it gets to take a while eh? Even though i figure he wont really read this closly but Mast Warhunter... ya ill get on it soon... that is if you ever reply to some of my email... maybe my filter got it but i think you just havent replied... Anyway if any of you are having Trouble getting promoted and such. try to get into a master student progam. It should work if you actually do what they say... they make it a bit easier...

Buh bye

OT Talon Zetar as left our ranks in the Bt Eternal Plauge to be transfered to Rogue. Sad to see you go.


Cluster of Fi awarded to Anikal. Congrats


ICQ is passed by Anikal!!! congrats again!


Well congrats to Anikal for all of this. See you all soon.


Anikal <brainiac_999@hotmail.com>;

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Warik Tarth <sith_lord666@hotmail.com>;

Xen' Culo Harzirto <capt_jack@westovernet.com>;

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