Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

Just a short report. I’ve got several things in the works, and you will see the results of that soon. Also, a big thanks to Shadow for sending me stuff he and Shaithis were working on. It will be of a lot of use.

*Competitions: *

It seems a fun competition is in demand currently. I posted here with something that might work for that. If you don’t like it, or hate it, feel free to say so, but use the forum post for it. It’s not meant as a serious competition, just something quick and fun in between.

Gaming Nights:

Again the reminder. Even though the RoS is going on, the Gaming Nights are still here, too. Tuesday is single player night, Thursday is Multiplayer night. Even though they might be that, MP is allowed on monday, and SP on thursday. Saturday is the ICTE, and finally, there is the Sunday Tournament, tomorrow.

~ Exarch Korras Aquillarum, Obelisk High Commander

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